Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Experimenting with Tiered Herb Gardens

My 1st attempt at  Tiered Herb Gardens

Below are some pictures of what you will need:
1. Garden soil. I prefer Miracle Gro brand; make sure you get the soil that is meant for vegetables!
2. Variously sized pots. What I have here are pots I found in my garage, which I supplemented with some Menard's pots. Largest pot on bottom, smallest at top. :)
3. I then placed small pots upside down within the larger pots. You'll have to experiment with which ones fit into which containers.  I wish I would have pre-drilled holes for more drainage and actually attached all the pots by bolt, nut, and washer.  Oh well, this was my experimental batch. So, don't do what I did; pre-drill your drainage holes!
4. Fill your pots approximately 3/4 full with your soil. This ensures that you won't, hopefully, have "floaters". This photo shows my pot that has Chives on the first layer. Make sure you use one type of plant per layer, otherwise you may have a mess to sort out when it comes to harvest time! I chose only 2 tiers due to non attachment of pots.

*NOTE* Please check to make sure you plant compatible herbs together.
This was a very useful site that helped me plant my herb garden successfully.

                                       Top photo Thyme & Mint.  Bottom photo Sage & Basil.
Please see another example here at:
This is the site that actually inspires me to give it a go.

Next year I will go 3 tiers for sure!  I think a bigger more shallow base is what I needed. Due to lack of funding my garden budget was cut in half.  So I spent $23.00 in pots, $12.00 for soil, and $40.00 for all the herbs for the whole year.  Remember to ask friends and family if they have any old pots they want to get rid of, and check the used stores for other gardening items. One of my favorite thrift type shops for pots is Arc, a non-profit organization.
Realize, I don't have all the instructions for everything here. Please check the two links I have within the blog for more complete, detailed instructions! Happy gardening!
The Dainty Muse, aka Shelley