Sunday, May 3, 2015

An Honest Gluten Free Body Care Review May 2015

   Life has been pretty chaotic for the past 2 years. ( *sigh* Military life)   I will no longer be able to do some of my other things due to moving states.  I will be writing short Gluten Free reviews in addition to my other items as time allows.  I cannot wait for July!  Things will finally calm down by then.

I will be doing 2 Symbol Rating System  1 being lowest 5 being highest:
1-5  $'s  (is the product worth the value?)  
1-5  ^'s  (Does it work?).   

Today is on Gluten Free Body Care

1. Primal Pit Paste
$$$$$  (10.95-12.95 ) Worth every penny.  It does cost more, but you get what you pay for!  
 They even have a coupon going on right now. (As of May 3rd, 2015 When you 1st sign up it should pop up on the screen.)  They have a really nice referral program using social media.

^^^^^  It is the 1st natural deodorant that has not worn off in 4 hours for me.  I prefer the stick, it is less messy.  I am on my 3rd stick of Orange Creamsicle.

Find my #1 new favorite product  

2.  Giovanni Hair Care 2 Chic Shampoo's & Conditioner's 
(laurel & laureth Sulfate free)
$$$$ (8.99 on up) It is hard to find a good shampoo and Conditioner at a good price.  The availability in stores is spotty, so the prices in stores seem to be higher.

^^^^^  It WORKS!  I love how manageable our hair is now.  The whole family uses their line.
Some days my hair feels so dry and frizzy, so I use Coconut and Blackberry.  Other it is just fine, and I use Ultra Sleek with  Argan oil. It's good on all types of hair, from curly to straight!

Find a list of these wonderful products

3.  Kiss My Face Olive Bar Soap
$$$$$ (4.99 on up) Good soap just plain costs more.  I love how big the bar is.

^^^^^  The Olive Oil & Aloe and the Lavender & Olive Oil are my favorite ones.  
They works great on dry or combination skin.
They have a lot of body care products to choose from.  Happy shopping. FYI they carry sunblock!!
I have 2 links for you:  (You can see a great guide to their ingredients.)                      ( You can check out the rest of their great products.)

4.  Four Elements Look, No X Ma Bar Soap & Cream
$$$  (5.99 on up) Just plain spendy due to cost of essential oils being over harvested throughout the world and not replaced as they should be. Their farm is responsible!!  
There was just a big price hike on quite a few items.  Their product are small, cost more, but work very well on helping clear up skin conditions like eczema.

^^^^^+  Yep you heard me, exceeded 5^!  This product delivers, and works within the first 24 hours. This company is *MOSA Certified Organic folks.  
I have had so many people personally thank me for the recommendation of this product.  
Get that eczema or those dry patches under control.
*FYI they have Insect Repellent as well as First Aid Salve.*

Find this unique company

5.  SUKI  Transformative Purifying Masque
$$$$ (48.95 on up)  Ouch!!    This is a little more than I like to spend. However, it is very well worth it!

^^^^^  Need to treat a spider bite or a zit?  Maybe you want to pamper yourself with a light clay masque?  This is the product for you.  Adult and Teen approved in this household.
They have some amazing products.  I have been using this for 3+ years now.
Check out their amazing  pampering line

  And there you have it, folks! These are some of my favorite natural products for skin and hair care. Please check their links for more information!

*MOSA is the Midwest Organic Services Association, which certifies organic products. See their page here: