Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1st Time Ever Quilting a BABY Blanket!

To Quilt or not to Quilt ever again?

I decide to quilt for my beautiful new niece.
After reading tons of things and watching YouTube videos.  I gave it a shot.  
Quilting is not for the beginner sewer.  It is for someone with some skill!  If you can sew a straight line well, you can do it!!

I found out quickly that I needed to purchase some tools, after lines did not match and seams were ripped out.  I learned that the grids on my cutting mat, are not perfect.  I have one really old mat, and I cannot wait to invest in a new fancy Olfa cutting mat.
I also found I needed a Quilters Ruler & Squares.  Olfa makes those to.

It's all about the Tools Baby!

 If your square is square, it should match up right as you pin it.
Speaking of pinning, using the right pins is imperative. Quilters pins to be exact.  You can always find them in Notions at the Fabric store.
Luckily cutting was a breeze.  I used my Rotary Cutter. Just remember to buy extra blades, they go dull fast when you cut a lot of things at once.
I also learned that a good Iron and Mary Ellen's Best Press are also helpful.

Before you sew, take scraps and test on those 1st.  Make sure the tension is correct.  Nothing worse than finding skipped stitches, and having the machine jam up on you  because of it.


Don't be in a hurry.  That is when massive mistakes will happen, that could ruin your project.
I cannot tell you how much frustration I had just in ripping out seams, due to using that minkie material.  Argghhh.  I should have read and watch more videos on it.  I will use other backings next time!  I only have so much patience. 
This is such an easy one to follow!  
 The pattern for the quilt is here at:

The YouTube Video is here at:

Caution!!!  My 6-8 hour quilt took 30 hours due to mistakes and doing what my body allowed.  Take your time!  Do not push yourself to hard.  Enjoy the creative process.  Start 2 months ahead of time!!

Is it perfect?  NO!  
Do I love trying new things?   YES!
Am I proud of myself for trying this?  Hecks Yah!
So the answer to my question up top is yes, I will quilt again.

When buying all those new tools and fabrics, I used COUPONS & SALES for them all.  Sewing and Quilting are expensive hobbies.  Please do not pay full price ever, for any of it.  

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Bonus Project
I used pre quilted fabric for this little beauty.

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Prom on the Cheap for 2 Broke Girls


  Why do folks put so much emphasis on the Perfect Prom?  It's just a dance!  

My girls have no dates this year and do not care. They made arrangements to hang out with their friends at Prom instead. This is not the single most important event in their life. However, that doesn't mean we didn't make the most of what we have!
   I have taught my 3 girls to coupon, watch for sales, and always check the thrift store 1st.  I love the one we shop at.  We shop, as well as donate to it often.  Arc Value Village
  Life is not about what brand dress you have or the kind of shoes you wear.  In fact I have purchased new items there as well as used.
I found some pretty cool items over the years.

Here's the breakdown:

Girl 1
Prom Ticket                    $35.00
Purchased at Thrift store:
Prom Dress                      $4.28  (yes, it looks good)
Clutch                              $6.97
Shoes (already had them) $0 Extra
Hair accessories Walgreens on a BOGO 1/2 off 
Dinner at Home                 $0 Extra
Limo Ride(Mom's Taxi)       $A Hug
Grand Total                       $58.35

Girl 2
Prom Ticket                       $35.00
Dress(From 2 proms ago)   $0
Clutch(Borrowed)               $0
Shoes(Already Had them)   $0
Hair accessories                 $20.00
Dinner at Home                  $0 Extra
Limo Ride(Mom's Taxi)        $A Hug
Grand Total                        $55.00

As you see it does not have to break the bank! Life is expensive enough.

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Coupon Policies and Etiquette

The Rules

Always check with the Stores Coupon Policy 1st before you go, if you are doing a Large amount of coupons.  Print the policy and bring it with so you can refer back to it if necessary.

Check the Expiration Dates

Their is nothing worse than getting up to the register with an expired coupon.  I even go through the coupons at the register 1 last time to make sure I am all good.  I always apologize for my mistakes.

 Be Organized 

Have everything ready to go.  You may have to do multiple transactions in order to use all the coupons correctly.  Bundle them separately and have your purchases separated as well.  Please communicate with the cashier that you have Multiple Transaction please.  Can you tell I am a cashier;)
Please let the person who just got in line behind you know that it's gonna be a bit.  Tell them "you might want to get in another lane".
Sometimes they stay because they are curious to see how much money you save.  They ask "how do you do that??".  It is a great way to meet people. 

 Each Company Has It's Own Rules & Regulations

 Abide by them please.  1 bad apple can spoil it for us all.  If you go in with a bad attitude and are nasty.  They can deny you your use of coupons.  It is up to the store to decide if they want to take them.
I have a saying.
Don't Poke The Bear!

Never, Ever Photocopy Coupons!!  

It is illegal.  Punishable by fine and Jail time.
When you print coupons, each 1 should have it's own unique barcode.

Do not try and scam the system or berate your cashier into taking them.
If you clip a product and it says only redeemable at Wal-Mart don't take it to Target.  Read the Coupon and pay close attention.

Never Buy Coupons! 

It is illegal and voids them.  The newspaper is the only exception.  Avoid clipping services that are not reputable.  I do not care for clipping service, they seem like  a creative loop whole.  Ask yourselves this "How did they get so many coupons????".    Be careful if you decide to dumpster dive for coupons.  You can be fined and do jail time if caught.  The rules differ state to state, city to city, and county to county.  Just don't do it!

Left over coupons or ones that just expired?
Donate here:
Please read the rules carefully & thank you for your support.

I hope this has helped all of you better understand the Coupon Rules.

Please see the Coupon Series here and on

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Coupon Organization

We both like to blog what we do in our daily crafty lives to hopefully inspire you to step outside your comfort zone.  

How to Organize Coupons

Start by clipping them. 
 I know that sounds simple and lame.  Some people organize them in sheets and do not clip til they need them.  I don't know about you, but I am not cutting in the grocery isle on a Saturday with people bumping into me.  I like my fingers and want to keep them.

Organize by Category

Here is my personal list:
Quick Meals
Gluten Free
Office/School Supplies
Dental,Shaving, & Deodorant
Personal Care
Paper & Plastic
Cleaning & Maintenance
Meat & Poultry
Veggies & Fruit
Other Stores you shop at

Feel free to change it up.  Organize the Titles however you want or add some more.
I shop dry goods 1st and cold stuff last.

Get a box of paperclips!  Make some room and sort it all out ahead of time.  Also organize by oldest to newest.  

Choose an Organizer

Whether it be a massive 2" binder with different sheets.
I have used money display pockets & baseball collection pockets in the past.

Or the classic small expandable file folder

I have used a plastic expandable from Targets Dollar spot.  You can buy patterns to sew one yourself  or design a paper 1.

Pardon all the Pics I could not go back and crop!

Or the

1" small binder with Half slit pockets
I use Avery Brand Pockets and Tabs for Sorting.  Some of this is Discontinues to the the Scuffle between Martha & Avery;)    I have also made paper bound versions of it.

You Don't Have to Spend Much to Save Some $$$$

Whether it be $3 or $25 you will make that back!  Make sure you use coupons to buy your supplies!  That will be your 1st step to saving some $$$ :)

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Wednesday, February 17, 2016



It's almost Tax season.  Do you ever question should we do it ourselves  or should we hire someone?

I myself (Shelley) hire it done every year for the last 20 years.  I am with the same person.  We love him!  I hate being stressed out about even gathering the tax information.  Look for someone who has experience and will help you out if you are audited.  Make sure they are a CPA .  It costs between $100-$300.  If they are not a CPA you might as well buy a tax software and enter the data in yourself.

I love using stuff like this.

I have a special treat for you.  I have a guest blogger in.  Please welcome Jordan Gilmore.

Turbo Tax Review

Yes. The dreaded season will be upon us in few short months-Taxes Season. And Turbo Tax is one of the more popular ways to prepare and e-file Federal and State taxes.  Let me start by stating that I am an amateur user of the product, and am not an Accountant.  With that said I have used the product for several years.  Using the same account each year provides some advantages.  It remembers what income and deductions you had the previous year, and can streamline the experience using that information.
While I won’t say that completing the filing in my experience is fast, the amount of time it takes does depend on how many dependents and deductions and life events you have.  One of the reasons that I have returned to the product several times is not because the amount of time it takes to complete the filing but because of the thoroughness that is built into it.  If you choose to explore every possible type of income and deduction they are available for you to do so.   There are also definitions provided for nearly every choice you are asked to make as you walk through your tax form. 
While I’ve almost always chosen the itemized deductions, the choice to use the standard deduction is available within the program too, and it will help you determine which benefits you more.  Another plus is that the amount you owe or will be refunded changes with each section completed, so you can see which items give you a larger deduction as you work, or you can tell if skipping the trouble of itemizing will bring you the same sized refund.  Nothing is set in stone until you submit your return to the IRS. 
Can mistakes still be made? Yes.  But, I find it’s more relaxing to review and correct them at home on the couch while reading what portions of the form mean before hitting send than to wonder why certain numbers were entered by someone whose office is only open for six months. 
And if speed is what you’re after, once you have filed you can have a notification within hours (depending on how busy the IRS and your state office is) letting you know that your filings have been accepted. 
Taxes can be stressful, but I find that the way that TurboTax walks you through the process tend to each the tension.

-Jordan  Gilmore

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


How to Obtain Coupons 

1st it's pronounced Coupon not Qupon or Kupon.  English is our 1st language use it properly.  
Lets start with the easiest.  
1.  Clipping Newspaper Coupons.  Only clip what you need!!
Find the Skinny on that here 
Print the list or check every week to see if it's worth buying the Newspaper.
Please check the newspaper before you buy it, to make sure people have not stolen the coupon inserts.
No,  I am not kidding!  
Coupon abuse and fraud is rampant in the USA.
Here is some helpful info:
 Make sure you follow the rules on the Coupon please.  Do not be mad when the cashier (who is already underpaid) refuses it, due to coupon and store policy.  Courtesy & Kindness go a long way.
If you think you have been wronged.  Take it up with Customer Service and the Manager on duty.
We all make mistakes!!

2.  Catalinas are Coupons the store prints out at the register.  Make sure you read those instructions carefully.

When you are signing up for these free sites.  Make a junk email account 1st.  
That way your cluttered email box, does not get anymore overwhelming.

3.  Printing coupons online and where to find more coupons.  I love sites like:

4.  Store cards, are the most difficult to use for myself.  Sometimes sites are down and do not work.  You spend an hour picking and loading the digital coupons on the card and bam not there (sigh).
So I will be honest I do not care for them that much.
Maybe you will have better luck than I.

I have 1 App that works best for me Target's Cartwheel
It works great on a smart phone and you can print up a sheet at home if you do not have a smart phone.  I have saved almost $600 dollars this year with it in conjunction with the Debit Red Card.
I also stack that with Target Coupons I print at home and Manufacturer Coupons.  My biggest savings yet is $122.00 in 1 shopping trip..
If you go to web site.  You can read more in depth about Digital couponing.
  I am not a hoarder, a shelf clearer, or an extreme couponer.
I cannot stand it when people buy it cheap and then resell it at MSRP.  It is illegal, so don't do it.
  I am here today just giving you a quick tutorial on the basics.
I could spend hours talking coupons with you.  But who has that kind of time.  We write about our lives for creative outlet not money making right now.  Though we like money!  We ladies have very busy lives and are lucky enough to include you in it:)
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Be sure to stop by and check out Coupon Organization at

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1st Chalk Paint Furniture Make-Over

My 1st Furniture make-over in ages.

So I was talking to my friend Brandy, about finishing up a kids room with her.  So she had wanted to do a really cool thing to an outdated dresser.

So have you ever seen the Junk Gypsies on GAC?
It is worth 30 minutes of your day.

What a great looking crew I have working with me!

1st they sanded with orbital sanders.  That really cuts down time. (I Supervised)
We wiped everything down with dry rags.  It was so humid, no water necessary.

Then with an old rag we applied Denatured Alcohol and wiped everything down.

We then started applying Junk Gypsy Chalk & Clay Paint.    Available here:
This color is called Flower Child. 

After 2-3 coats and a lot of dry time.   
You must then seal Chalk paint with Wax or Junk Gypsy Clear Coat.

The beauty of the clear coat is that you only do it once.  Wax you have to reapply every 2 years and it also takes longer to dry because of humidity.

I had some really wonderful instructions given to me at
Riverbridge Resale & Consignment Conroe, TX.

I couldn't believe how great this paint and sealer worked.  It was so much fun doing this with my friends!

I love how it turned out!

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