Wednesday, April 13, 2016

1st Time Ever Quilting a BABY Blanket!

To Quilt or not to Quilt ever again?

I decide to quilt for my beautiful new niece.
After reading tons of things and watching YouTube videos.  I gave it a shot.  
Quilting is not for the beginner sewer.  It is for someone with some skill!  If you can sew a straight line well, you can do it!!

I found out quickly that I needed to purchase some tools, after lines did not match and seams were ripped out.  I learned that the grids on my cutting mat, are not perfect.  I have one really old mat, and I cannot wait to invest in a new fancy Olfa cutting mat.
I also found I needed a Quilters Ruler & Squares.  Olfa makes those to.

It's all about the Tools Baby!

 If your square is square, it should match up right as you pin it.
Speaking of pinning, using the right pins is imperative. Quilters pins to be exact.  You can always find them in Notions at the Fabric store.
Luckily cutting was a breeze.  I used my Rotary Cutter. Just remember to buy extra blades, they go dull fast when you cut a lot of things at once.
I also learned that a good Iron and Mary Ellen's Best Press are also helpful.

Before you sew, take scraps and test on those 1st.  Make sure the tension is correct.  Nothing worse than finding skipped stitches, and having the machine jam up on you  because of it.


Don't be in a hurry.  That is when massive mistakes will happen, that could ruin your project.
I cannot tell you how much frustration I had just in ripping out seams, due to using that minkie material.  Argghhh.  I should have read and watch more videos on it.  I will use other backings next time!  I only have so much patience. 
This is such an easy one to follow!  
 The pattern for the quilt is here at:

The YouTube Video is here at:

Caution!!!  My 6-8 hour quilt took 30 hours due to mistakes and doing what my body allowed.  Take your time!  Do not push yourself to hard.  Enjoy the creative process.  Start 2 months ahead of time!!

Is it perfect?  NO!  
Do I love trying new things?   YES!
Am I proud of myself for trying this?  Hecks Yah!
So the answer to my question up top is yes, I will quilt again.

When buying all those new tools and fabrics, I used COUPONS & SALES for them all.  Sewing and Quilting are expensive hobbies.  Please do not pay full price ever, for any of it.  

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Bonus Project
I used pre quilted fabric for this little beauty.

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